Pick-and-place equipment and SMT assembly are at the heart of the electronics manufacturing process. At Restronics Northland, the salespeople have extensive experience with pick-and-place equipment. As pieces become smaller, novel technology may be required, and as volumes rise, current technology may need to be replaced or upgraded for greater productivity. As firms re-shore PCB manufacturing, there is a great necessity for improved speed and abilities. Around the nation, supply chain issues and the drive for improved control over delivery time and cost are creating a desire for superior performance of SMT pick-and-place equipment.

The demand for new product introduction (NPI) gear is increasing, and it should be simple to operate and versatile, as well as dispense paste or adhesive, and also place components. Doing this, users can manufacture small numbers of printed circuit boards without having to wait for stencils to emerge and then making adjustments, then waiting again for new, modified stencils to arrive. While these devices aren’t the fastest, they can provide great flexibility for very low volume and high mix situations. Furthermore, several of these tools can pick and place components like connectors and odd-shaped parts that aren’t possible for the majority of high-speed SMT machines.

The latest generation of SMT P&P equipment has electric component verification, dual lanes of operation for ultra-high speed applications, and interchangeable pick and place heads for high speed and large component placement. Some machines can install parts at rates of up to 90,000 CPH (components per hour). True CPH rates can be determined off-line to give accurate time and speed for manufacturing certain PCBs. Off-line programming and line balancing are often common features with pick and place equipment to improve feeder set up and decrease changeover time. With most equipment, jobs are established on feeder trolleys that can be hauled into place before the job begins. This cuts down on feeder setup and changeover time.

Restronics Northland's expert personnel can help you in all elements of picking and placing SMT gear.