Innovative Benchtop Solutions

Metcal is a soldering products distributor that has provided technical value to their clientele since its inception in Silicon Valley in 1982. Offering unmatched production, risk mitigation, and ROI, we provide electronics makers the tools—and the conviction—they need to solder more rapidly, safer, and with unmatched process control.


For more than three decades Metcal has been at the forefront of innovation with a commitment to understanding customer needs and delivering quality products on time. Metcal is the market leader in soldering products in sectors including automotive/transportation systems, industrial controls/instrumentation systems, aerospace/defense systems and medical equipment provider et cetera.

Metcal delivers groundbreaking equipment across convection rework, fume extraction, hand soldering, and fluid dispensing applications.

Its products continue to set the standard for reliability, flexibility, performance and return on investment. Metcal's cutting-edge solutions are available through authorized dealers in North America and across the world.

Metcal’s patented “currie-point” heating system ensures that the system controls the soldering operation and that the controller doesn’t unintentionally modify the soldering temperatures. Metcal continues to create innovations that serve their customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical devices and military sectors.

One thing will never change as they continue to develop and move ahead into the future: their devotion to problem solving—and giving solutions that contribute meaningfully in your day-to-day existence as an engineer.